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Luvell Stepter

About Luvell...

Luvell Stepter was born and raised on the tough streets of Chicago’s Westside. He was surrounded by many obstacles growing up, yet he was determined not to become a product of his circumstances. He wanted to make the best out of the opportunities he was given. He recognized that not only could he change himself, but he could also be a catalyst for change in his environment. This mindset is what led to him founding the B3 Young Adult Men’s Mentoring Group. His philosophy is that we are our brother’s keepers and should leave no one behind. With this positive ideology, Luvell has gone on to become a published author, motivational speaker, and an ordained minister. He is grateful for every opportunity he has received to minister and teach seminars at numerous churches and organizations. 


At a young age, Luvell began attending Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God with his family. There he was saved (at 11 years old), accepted the call on his life to minister, and continues to serve. It is also where he met and began courting his beautiful wife, Karla. They were married in 2009 when she not only became his wife, but also his biggest supporter, motivator, and intercessor.


As someone who is very passionate about graphic design, Luvell founded and is now the president of F.L.A.M.E Productions Inc. It is through this production company that he created his profitable clothing brand, Cuzzo® Clothing, and has launched his self-titled luxury accessory line.


Luvell is determined to accomplish God's purpose for his life by helping and encouraging people through biblical lessons and motivational messages. The message he speaks rings true for all people, regardless of age, class, or religion - "If you can change your thinking, You will change your destiny.”

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