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Luvell Stepter

About Luvell...

Elder Luvell Stepter, the founder and Senior Pastor of The Gathering in his native city of Chicago, is a dynamic and multifaceted leader and speaker with an inspiring journey that reflects his unwavering commitment to faith, purpose, and community.


Born and raised in Chicago, Luvell's spiritual journey began at an early age when he became an active member of the Indiana Ave Pentecostal Church of God. It was within the walls of this sacred space that he experienced salvation and accepted the profound call to ministry at the tender age of 11. As he walked the path of spiritual growth, Luvell had the privilege of learning from and serving under the late Bishop Charles E. Davis, an influential figure in his formative years, with his commitment to service extended to leadership roles within the Illinois District Council, where he served as the state's Vice Chairman of the brotherhood and other various state roles and positions.


Beyond his spiritual calling, Luvell has ventured into various roles, including C.E.O. of F.L.A.M.E. Productions Inc. and the visionary behind the global brand Cuzzo Clothing Company, worn by celebrities and pro athletes alike. As a published author, branding coach, and motivational speaker, he passionately shares his insights and wisdom with audiences nationwide.


As a prophetic voice for this generation, his divine mission is to, with the help of God, lead and equip with conviction the hungry seekers of God's Glory, guiding them as they journey together in an endeavor to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it is in heaven.


Luvell currently resides in Chicago with his beautiful wife, Karla and son Noah.

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